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Our Mission is to protect the health and innocence of children and the fundamental rights of parents to direct the education, healthcare and upbringing of their children.

Do you “Really” know what takes place behind closed classroom doors? Parents should be proactive in knowledge of the lesson plans and curriculum for all their children’s activities. Comprehensive Sex Education is being taught in all schools and grades from Pre-K-5.  We are standing with parents to protect the health and innocence of children.

Ask for the complete lesson plans. By law, they must share with you.

Your child is a gift from God, and should be valued as such.

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Take Action - Contact Your Elected Officials

Contact Your Legislators.

Let your elected officials know how you feel about the inappropriate and illegal material presented to children in our public schools.

SafeEd K-12 Official Report and Presentation

View Our Official Report.

The SafeEd K-12 Task Force has put together a thorough report and presentation for the Florida DOE showing the illegalities of sex education in public schools today.

A Word from Our National Spokesperson, the Legendary FSU Coach, Bobby Bowden

“I never thought I’d be building another winning team, but, here I am, recruiting for Freedom Speaks. Somebody has got to protect our children’s innocence and let them be kids. Ann and I are supporting Freedom Speaks because they stand up for God and Family. Join our team and support the fine work of Freedom Speaks, by writing them a check. Remember, It’s all about the kids. Thank ya’ll.”

Bobby Bowden

Former FSU Coach

Take Learning Outside

Innovative Preparatory Student Achievement (IPSA)

IPSA is out of the box thinking that enables parents to take charge of their children’s education.
A great  alternative to the governmental controlled, failing public-school system.

Collier Community Abstinence Program

Collier Community Abstinence Program (CCAP)

CCAP offers adolescents, ages 11 through 18, a game plan for life that promotes abstinence from sexual activity and all other risky behaviors.
“C.C.A.P. isn’t just telling kids what not to do – it shares the “why”.

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School Choice

All school choice options provide a safe, enjoyable learning environment for students of all ages. Free from bullying, intimidation, non-academic comprehensive sex 102, which encourages gender identity, sexual orientation, etc.  for   Prek-12.

National News Articles

Parents can choose the best education for their children

There hasn’t been much good news from the Supreme Court lately, but today . . .

Parents are kept in the dark regarding their children

When I found out that the Pasco County School District

Liberty Counsel Press Release

Florida's Pasco County Schools are violating the rights of students, parents, and teachers.


APA promotes “polyamory,” “swinging,” and “relationship anarchy.” Their experts say it’s healthy and ethical!

It’s time that we wake up to this reality and take a stand against it.