Parents are kept in the dark regarding their children

Parents Maligned by Florida School District

When I found out that the Pasco County School District was participating in, and some would even claim “Promoting”, the sexualization of our children, I WAS SHOCKED! As I investigated and searched for answers I continually found out more and more disturbing information. What is a parent to do in the situation I found myself in? My heart cried out for the children who are impressionable and innocent. My heart cried out for the parents who were just like me; naïve, ignorant of these new procedures, and busy.

As busy parents we put our faith in the school district to notify us of important changes to policy and procedures. We trust them to give us the opportunity to opt out of curriculum/lessons that may go beyond what we believe is best for our children. When I realized not only was this NOT the case, but parents were being intentionally kept in the dark, I had to do SOMETHING.

As a group of parents, including myself, began to expose what the District was doing behind our backs they didn’t fess up. Instead they have maligned our efforts and slandered us as we strive to inform our fellow parents.

Here’s a list of how the Pasco School District has misled parents regarding what we have exposed:

    Superintendent Browning has repeatedly stated that the information that we put on the website is, “riddled with misinformation, outdated information and, quite honestly, misleading information.”
    THE TRUTH is the website we have put together here in Pasco county to help inform parents of the dangerous and misleading procedures that have taken place. Everything on the website is documented, up-to-date, fact checked, and true.
    Superintendent Browning denies the two eyewitness reports by Chasco Middle School PE teacher’s regarding an incident when a male teacher refused to monitor a “girl dressing” out while sharing the locker room with boys. “No teacher was threatened with losing his job,” Browning stressed. “No boys ran out of the Chasco locker room screaming that a girl was in there. No one is trying to take parental rights away. “
    The above statement is misleading and denies the testimonies of these two teachers! This was allowed without parental notification or even simply notifying the boys beforehand.
    See what the PE teacher’s told us here:
    Read the email chain that proves the male PE teacher’s job was threatened here:
    Superintendent Browning continues to tell the public that, “It has never been my intent to keep parents in the dark.”
    Browning told me personally that it was “his decision” to withhold information from parents regarding their children’s gender identity. He has decided to let the child decide if and when their parents will know that they’ve changed their gender identity at school. He continues to site FERPA as giving him and District staff the authorization to withhold the information from students’ parents. This is another lie. See the Liberty Counsel’s FERPA memo here:
    Browning was also the one who implemented the original 71 page “Best Practices” Guide that repeatedly violated Parental Rights. See that Guide here:– See pages 41,43, 44, 46 for some examples.

Superintendent Browning also allows parents to be mislead about the dangerous Comprehensive Sex-Ed he has allowed into our elementary and middle schools! I could continue on this path with all the ways he is misleading us and playing politician instead of being honest with Pasco parents who are his constituents. Browning recently stated to the Tampa Bay Times regarding our efforts to get the fact out to every parent:

“The group is welcome to make its position known,” he said, adding, “the only thing I ask is that you talk facts and you know what the facts are.”

Mr. Browning, we KNOW what the facts are and SO DO YOU. We have plenty of proof.

All we are asking for is TRANSPARENCY. Let us know what you are deciding to do with our children.

  1. Let us know when you’ve decided to force our son’s and daughter’s to share private facilities.
  2. Let us know when our sons and daughters are going to be forced to dress and shower in front of the opposite sex.
  3. Let us know when you want to teach 11 year olds they can be born in wrong body and all the different sexual orientations that have to choose from. This way we can opt them out if we choose to do so.
  4. Let us know when our children are struggling with their “Gender Identity” so we can help them and assist them. Don’t hide their NEW pronouns and NEW names from us.
  5. Let us know when our child wants to attend a Sexuality Club after school. Give us the option to investigate and be part of these vitally important decisions that have a dramatic impact on our children’s futures.

“I am a Christian man. I go to Idlewild Baptist Church every Sunday,” Browning said. “But I am also superintendent of Pasco County schools, and I have a huge responsibility to protect the safety of every child … whether I agree with their lifestyle or not.”

Are these policies really protecting EVERY child? Is lying, misleading, and keeping a child’s parents in the dark keeping them safe? Common sense says, “no, these procedures are not protecting ANY children.”

Kurt Browning is up for re-election November 2020. I hope and pray that this information gets out to parents here in Pasco and that they will show up in droves to vote him out of office. He continues to keep parents in the dark and promote dangerous, immoral ideologies to our children without our knowledge. Ideologies that go against educational common sense and the deeply held values and beliefs of many of his constituents. Therefore, he doesn’t deserve to run this school district.

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